Ph. D. Habilité - Professor of Economics
        KEDGE - Bordeaux Business School
        CRED - Université de Paris 2 - Panthéon Assas
Visiting Scholar - NYU (Economics Dep. - Summer)
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Rheims, an Art DecoCity


Working Papers : 

"Learning by Cooking and Reputation Building: A French Recipe to Become a Top Chef" (revised)
(with Frédéric Warzynski and Valérie Smeets)

"Success: Talent, Intelligence or Beauty", CORE DP 2010/72 
(with Victor Ginsburgh)

"Untalented but Successful"
(with Vincenzo Verardi)

"Risk-taking in Tournaments: Evidence from Horse-Racing Tipsters"
(with Bruno Deschamps)

"Robust Hedonic Price Regressions : Unmasking Superstars is not witchcraft"

(with Catherine Dehon and Vincenzo Verardi)

"How do Consumers Use Signals to Assess Wine Quality?"

(with Florine Livat). AAWE Working Paper, n°3

Work in Progress :

"The Economics of Football: en Empirical Examination"
(with Tom Coupé and Lionel Page)

"The Demand for Restaurants in Europe"
(with Laure Saulais and Bernd Frick)

"Impact of the VAT Rate Change on the Business of Restaurants"
(with Michael Gibbs, Kathryn Ierulli and Frédéric Warzynski)

"Blood Drives or Blood Centers"
(with Bruno Deffains and François-Charles Wolff)

Crédits photographiques
Ville de REIMS - Jacques DRIOL - Olivier RIGAUD
Vincent HOSSARD - David MERL