Ph. D. Habilité - Professor of Economics
        KEDGE - Bordeaux Business School
LIEPP - Sciences Po Paris
        Visiting Scholar - NYU (Economics Dep. - Summer)
        CRED - Université de Paris 2 - Panthéon Assas        

 Reims, an Art Deco City


Journal Articles and Chapters in Books :
"Celebrities as human brands: An investigation of the effects of personality and time on celebrities' appeal"
(with Renaud Lunardo and Florine Livat)
Journal of Marketing Management, 2015

"Expert Opinion and Product Quality: Evidence from New York City Restaurants"
(with Karl Storchmann and Vincenzo Verardi)
Economic Inquiry, 2015

"On the economic effects of music and opera festivals"

(with Victor Ginsburgh),
In Assessing Effective Tools to enhance cultural participation, Springer Verlag, 2015

"Sustainable Certification for Future Generations: The Case of Family Business"
(with Magali Delmas)
Family Business Review, 2014

"Suspicious Blood and Performance in Professional Cycling"
(with Tom Coupé)
The Journal of Sports Economics, 2013

"Success: Talent, Intelligence or Beauty"
(with Victor Ginsburgh and Florine Livat)
Economics Bulletin, 2012

"Great Investors : their Methods, Results, Evaluation",
(with William T. Ziemba)
Journal of Portfolio Management, 2012

"Endowments, Production Technologies and the Quality of Wines. Does Terroir Matter?"
(with Victor Ginsburgh),
The Journal of Wine Economics, 2010

"Les stratégies de différenciation des produits par la télévision"
(with Françoise Benhamou and Nathalie Moureau)
Economie et Prévision, 2009

"Endowments, Production Technologies and the Quality of Wines. Does Terroir Matter?"
(with Victor Ginsburgh),
The Economic Journal, 2008

"Anti-Herding Behavior among Horse-Racing Tipsters : Model and Evidence from French data"
(with Bruno Deschamps)
Handbooks in Finance: Handbook of Sports and Lottery Markets2008

"Stardust over Paris Gastronomic Restaurants"
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(with Bruno Deschamps)
Journal of Prediction Markets, 2006

"Expert Opinion and Gastronomy: The Recipe for Success"
(with Véronique Chossat)
Journal of Cultural Economics, 2003

"Emergence et dynamique du phénomène de réputation: Le vin de Champagne : entre savoir-faire et faire savoir"
(with Annick Vignes)
Revue d’Economie Industrielle, 2000

"Estimation d’une fonction de prix hédonistiques pour le vin de Champagne"
Economie et Prévision, 1998

Other Publications :

"Opinión experta y Gastronomía : La receta para el éxito"
(with Véronique Chossat)
Tourismo y Patrimonio, 2005

Crédits photographiques
Ville de REIMS - Jacques DRIOL - Olivier RIGAUD
Vincent HOSSARD - David MERL