Ph. D. Habilité - Professor of Economics
        KEDGE - Bordeaux Business School
        CRED - Université de Paris 2 - Panthéon Assas
Visiting Scholar - UCLA (Institute of the Environment)


Reims, an Art Deco City

Media Coverage
Jl of Pred. Markets
AAWE: Wine Economics
AFE:  Food Economics

Contact Information:

Phone: + 33 (0) 326 08 22 35 

Mobile: + 33 (0) 604 01 61 55

Email: olivier.gergaud[at]kedgebs.com


KEDGE - Bordeaux Business School
680, Cours de la Libération
33405 Talence Cedex, France

Research Interests:
  • Restaurant economics
  • Wine economics
  • Economics of pro-social behavior
  • Behavioral finance
  • Industrial organization
  • Cultural economics
  • Sports economics

Crédits photographiques :
Ville de REIMS - Jacques DRIOL - Olivier RIGAUD
Vincent HOSSARD - David MERL
In the News: September 2014
Special issue on Wine
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

"Expert Opinion and Product Quality: Evidence from New York City Restaurants" (Economic Inquiry, forthcoming)
(with Karl Storchmann and Vincenzo Verardi)

"Sustainable certification for future generations: the case of family business" (Family Business Review, September 2014)
(with Magali Delmas)

"Family wineries more likely to be environmentally sustainable too",
By Ashley Verhines, Huffington Post, June 23, 2014.

Wine tasting: Is 'terroir' a joke and/or are wine experts incompetent?  (Vox EU, March 2013)
(with Orley Ashenfelter, Victor Ginsburgh and Karl Storchmann)

"Une étoile au Michelin fait augmenter les prix de 27%" 
By Violette Robinet, Express-Expansion, March 5, 2010

"Suspicious Blood and Performance in Professional Cycling" (Journal of Sports Economics, 2013)
(with Tom Coupé)

"Learning by Cooking and Reputation Building: A French Recipe to Become a Top Chef" (revised)
(with Frédéric Warzynski and Valérie Smeets)

"La dégustation des vins. Terroir sans importance et/ou experts incompétents?"
(with Victor Ginsburgh)

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