Ph. D. Habilité - Professor of Economics
        KEDGE - Bordeaux Business School
        CRED - Université de Paris 2 - Panthéon Assas
Visiting Scholar - UCLA (Institute of the Environment)


Reims, an Art Deco City

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Jl of Pred. Markets
AAWE: Wine Economics
AFE:  Food Economics

Contact Information:

Phone: + 33 (0) 326 08 22 35 

Mobile: + 33 (0) 604 01 61 55

Email: olivier.gergaud[at]kedgebs.com


KEDGE - Bordeaux Business School
680, Cours de la Libération
33405 Talence Cedex, France

Research Interests:
  • Restaurant economics
  • Wine economics
  • Economics of pro-social behavior
  • Behavioral finance
  • Industrial organization
  • Cultural economics
  • Sports economics

Crédits photographiques :
Ville de REIMS - Jacques DRIOL - Olivier RIGAUD
Vincent HOSSARD - David MERL
In the News: February 2014

On the economic effects of music and opera festivals (WP)
(with Victor Ginsburgh)

Wine tasting: Is 'terroir' a joke and/or are wine experts incompetent?  (Vox EU, March 2013)
(with Orley Ashenfelter, Victor Ginsburgh and Karl Storchmann)

"Une étoile au Michelin fait augmenter les prix de 27%" 
By Violette Robinet, Express-Expansion, March 5, 2010

"Suspicious Blood and Performance in Professional Cycling" (Journal of Sports Economics, 2013)
(with Tom Coupé)

"Expert Opinion and Quality Perception of Consumers: Evidence from New York City Restaurants" (revised, WP)
(with Karl Storchmann and Vincenzo Verardi)

"Learning by Cooking and Reputation Building: A French Recipe to Become a Top Chef" (revised)
(with Frédéric Warzynski and Valérie Smeets)

"Success: Talent, Intelligence or Beauty" (Economics Bulletin, 2012)
(with Victor Ginsburgh and Florine Livat)

"La dégustation des vins. Terroir sans importance et/ou experts incompétents?"
(with Victor Ginsburgh)

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